Sell your used Calculator for Cash

Sell your used calculator for cash

frequently asked questions

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Fair – More than one missing rubber bumper, deep scratches, permanent marks, marks on the screen, heavy signs of use

Good – No more than one missing rubber bumper, some scuff marks or scratches, normal signs of use

Great – Very minimal markings, scratches, and signs of use

Like New – no signs of prior use, no physical flaws, looks polished and new

New – in original unopened packaging

For Standard Check payments, payment is sent 2-5 business days after receiving the unit. For PayPal payments, payment is sent 1-2 business days after receiving the unit. For Digital Assets, payment is sent 1-2 business days after receiving the unit.

Yes, just provide your own shipping label and you're set.

You should send out your calculators immediately! After one month your order will be cancelled.

Yes! Any and all information you provide us is kept 100% confidential! NEVER sells or shares customer information with anyone for any reason.

Must be sealed and unopened in its original retail packaging.

No. Calculators that do not match ‘used’ criteria and cannot be sold are recycled.

  • A used calculator works and all functions are usable.
  • May have some scratches, writing, and/or scuff marks on the outside case.
  • All keys are in working order and are not worn down.
  • The LCD screen is in perfect or near perfect condition, with no missing lines/pixels, dark spots, or deep scratches.
  • Damaged LCD screens are paid out at half price.
  • Damaged ‘extras’ are not paid out.

USED and NEW Texas Instruments Graphing Calculators (models listed on home page).

Not in all cases. All calculators are tested upon arrival to finalize the buyback total. If it is concluded by our specialists that the calculator received does not match the provided description, then an adjustment will be applied to your payment for the correct total corresponding with the suitable condition. If the calculator is damaged to the point that it is not saleable then we will recycle the unit and no payment will be sent.

We are very lenient when it comes to our gradings and make every effort to clean/refurbish calculators that we receive. Very rarely will we lower the specified grading from what was submitted in the buyback forms, but this does happen. The final grading our your calculator should reflect the ‘new’ and ‘used’ definitions, as specified here. Please see our terms for bulk buybacks here.

If you have any concerns about a pricing adjustment please contact our customer service via email ( or via phone (609-666-CALC).

  • If the case or calculator has excessive staining, mold, or mildew
  • There are missing or broken keys
  • More than half the keys regularly get stuck and the unit is unusable or close to it
  • The battery terminal is broken
  • The calculator software is corrupt
  • Over 50% of the calculator is covered in highlighting or writing
  • There is any kind of excessive odor (i.e. tobacco, mold, etc.)
  • Broken LCD screen
  • Models that do not match our listed buy-back offerings
  • It was not legally obtained

If we haven’t confirmed with you that we have received your package within 14 days of shipping, contact our customer service at 609-666-CALC or via email at

Timelines not guaranteed to Hawaii and Alaska residents.

  1. Pack your calculators tightly in a size appropriate box or shipping envelope.
  2. Secure any open areas of the package with packing material.
  3. Seal up your package with packing tape and include the printed out receipt in the package!
  4. DO NOT INCLUDE AAA BATTERIES. This adds weight to the shipment and is not allowed by the post office.
  5. Once the calculator(s) have been packed, attach your mailing label found on the thank you page and in your confirmation email.
  6. Ship out your ready-to-go package to any post office!

If there are calculators in your package that were not on the original quote, we will add the value of the units onto your total payment (as long as they are among the models that are currently listed and in ‘acceptable’ condition or greater).

For example - If we quote you $20 for one TI-83 Plus, and you send three of them in ‘good’ condition instead, we will pay you $60. It is not a problem if you forget to add them to your order.

First Class Mail takes about 2-5 business days for delivery, this time will vary based on how far away you are from our New York office. Remember to include the receipt in the package!

We sell back all used calculators received to other students who need quality calculators at a reasonable price. Alternatively, when we receive units that cannot be resold they are recycled 100% of the time.