Sell your used Calculator for Cash

Sell your used calculator for cash

Terms & Conditions

Legal Disclaimer - Updated August 2019

  1. CalcTrade ensures that if a check payment is not received by the seller, the check will be voided and payment will be re-sent upon review.
  2. If a calculator is damaged as a result of a mis-appropriately packaged item, the seller is at fault.
  3. CalcTrade recommends the seller to buy a delivery confirmation number and/or insurance. Seller agrees to not hold CalcTrade or anyone related to CalcTrade responsible in any way for lost or non-delivered calculators.
  4. CalcTrade recommends seller to use a package/box that fits the calculator(s) properly. Seller agrees to payment reflected by the present condition of the calculator(s).
  5. CalcTrade is not a representative for any company of the items we purchase.
  6. Seller agrees that damaged slide covers will not receive any additional money.
  7. The "offer price" is the price CalcTrade will pay for the seller's item unless the condition varies.
  8. Seller agrees that if an item is improperly marked/described, seller will receive a notification of the correct description/quote. Seller agrees that he/she has 3 days from the send date to object to the offer.
  9. After 3 days, seller will receive the adjusted value based on the corrected description.
  10. If within 3 days, and the seller disagrees with an adjusted price, contact
  11. If within 3 days and seller disagrees and opts to have unit returned, I, the seller, agree to pay the $10 shipping and processing fee.
  12. CalcTrade does NOT accept products that have been reported lost or stolen.
  13. Any increase in shipping costs due to additional weight will be deducted from your buyback total

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Seller Guarantee

Protection when:
  • You don’t receive payment for a calculator submission in which you completed the sell form, and sent to CalcTrade per the submission instructions received in your confirmation email.
How to make a claim if you have not received payment for a calculator within two (2) weeks:

Contact CalcTrade by sending an email to or by calling 609-666-CALC.  Please have your confirmation email handy so you can provide us with the order ID to expedite the process.

We will need to verify all information as entered during the sell submission process. We will investigate the payment in question to determine whether the payment has already been processed.  If payment has not been processed, we will immediately proceed with payment terms.